The Design of Small Model Railways


Diorama [200×40 cm²]
 Interchange track
 Passing loop
 Low-relief warehouse

When I designed the last plan, I drew the conclusion that it overall look is rather rigid. The tracks run parallel to the edges, the trackwork has a geometric look. The advantage is that every square centimeter is used and the shunting possiblilities are maximised. But it doesn’t look realistic. In reality, the tracks accomodate the the environment, not the other way around.

That’s why I’ve tried to make a “loser” design for the same surface. The tracks no longer run parallel to the edges and to each other. The plan looks more organic. It isn’t easy to make such a plan with sectional track, but I think I managed quite successfully. Noticable are the lesser possiblilities for shunting. The tracks are shorter. But you need to ride more to service all tracks. The design isn’t ideal so you have to change some things to fit it to your wishes.

I think this plan looks more like a diorama, but with shunting possibilities. The relation with the “outside world” isn’t good. There’s an interchange track, but you cannot extend this track outside the layout. But who can live with less shunting, will get a more realistic overall picture. This is not only valid for my small plans, but for every size layout.

 “Rue de la glacière, 1958”, built by Frank Destouesse, is a small diorama with some industries. This diorama could be seen at Rail 2009. This realistic Finescale-layout has limited possibilities for shunting, but is a real gem to look at.

Rue de la glacière, 1958

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