The Design of Small Model Railways


LGB Garden Railway Why Model Railways? As with any hobby, the obvious answer is because it’s fun! Regardless of the availability of space, money, experience or whatever. I hope these pages will help you with our hobby. And remember: no matter what other people say, the only thing that counts is your pleasure…
Reinoud Kaasschieter

For a long time I’ve designed small model railways. First, because there isn’t much space in an ordinary boy’s room. Secondly, I believe designing small model railways is far more challenging then designing large ones. I still don’t have attics or basements at my disposal, so I continue to have a personal interest in pursuing the design of satisfying miniature layouts. The designs I present on these pages are spin-offs of my quest. Some of you might think I’m nuts and the plans cannot be taken seriously. I admit these plans can be viewed as being far-off and eccentric, but please do not take the effort letting me know. If you think this is the ultimate disgrace for model railwaying, feel free to make your own web pages to reflect your own views.

These plans can be used as an inspiration for your own plans. If you want to use them in any form of publication you’ll need my consent. You can build the plans freely. Please let me know when you did realize one of the plans. Implementing these plans is at your own risk. I’ve got limited possibilities to design or adapt any plans on demand. I’ve the right to refuse any requests for adaptations. All changed plans become my intellectual property.

If you’re want to discuss your plans or want to have a design made for you in some other way, you can contact your regional model railway magazine or become a member of the many weblogs about model railwaying. Some manufacturers offer tailor-made plans according to your wishes. These are mostly services you’ve to pay for.


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